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Paint Like a Pro, Heresy Grad School: Titans

July 11th, 2018

In this episode we're talking about Paint Schemes and Titan Legios! 00:30 What we've been up to 20:50 Heresy Grad school-Titan Legios continued 41:15 Heresy Grad school 1:02:19 Heresy Grad school 1:15:00 Painting like a pro - picking a Legion and theme 01:59:00-wrap up and announcements Episode 15: Collegia Titanica Mechanicum Overview Part III References and Suggestions for further reading: Mechanicum Graham McNeill Titanicus Dan Abnett P. 108-109 Book 7 Inferno Legio Mortis Warlord Titan Cadavris Perdita - P. 182-183 Book 7 Inferno Legio Xestobiax Septum Caelestis Ues P. 140-141 Book 1 Betrayal War Maniple Ferrum Mori Legio Mortis P. 158-159 Book 2 Massacre War Maniple Red Naga Legio Atarus P. 162-163 Book 3 Massacre Legio Atarus P. 142-143 Book 4 Conquest Legio Tempestus P. 120-121 Book 5 Tempest Legio Praesagius A Note on Titan Banners: Siege of Vraks!!!! P. 113